Tumblr feed queued for updating

Posted by / 16-Nov-2017 15:53

If this is the case, a Tumblr-branded error message should appear on screen whenever you try and update your blog.

To check on the status of the Tumblr platform and servers, you can subscribe to the official Twitter feed at twitter.com/tumblr.

It’s really cool, useful and helpful for Tumblr to have a schedule posts feature so you can get your articles published anytime you want even when you’re not currently logged on to your Tumblr account. How do you schedule posts on Tumblr (microblogging platform and social networking site)?

To do this, you will have to click on the blue button on the lower right side of the text post editor.

Click on the down arrow and a drop-down menu will open.

From browsing the dashboard to editing and publishing, the tips listed above can be valuable to seasoned Tumblr users like you — especially if you juggle more than one account.Tumblr's minimal design may seem pretty straightforward, but the site has a few hidden tricks up its sleeve. Some may have been hiding right under your fingertips this whole time. Check to see that you have an active and working connection to the Internet by visiting other non-Tumblr pages and downloading an unrelated file from the Web.If your connection is working, but it is unreliable or frequently dropping, your new Tumblr post may time out before it is completed, particularly if you are uploading a large file, such as an audio track or a video.

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It will be published on the date and time that you specify. The problem is that this feature can be kind of a hassle when it comes to inputting the date and time when you want to post your article.