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Reallydating com

Because neither of them have given us a proper alternative to feast on. If they’re doing specials in six months, I’ll be pissed. Alison Herman: You know the only reason we’ve had to subsist on the thin, thin gossip gruel Rihanna and Drake have fed us for so many years?News of a potential fling between the two surfaced after they were snapped cuddling on a yacht during the Cannes Film Festival last month.18-year-old Richie took to social media in an attempt to dispel rumors.Last night, TMZ reported that Amber Heard, the estranged wife of Johnny Depp, is “hangin’ a lot” with tech billionaire Elon Musk. And we’re told he’s paid several visits to her home.” So yes, Heard and Musk are probably hanging out, but nothing definitive has happened.An hour later, “Page Six” followed up with a similar report, claiming that Heard and Musk were both spotted last weekend at the same Miami hotel. Well-sourced tabloids like People and Us Weekly haven’t reported anything on this story at all. Well, it’s inherently interesting, but it also paints both Depp and Heard in a specific light as they head into what will be protracted, dramatic divorce proceedings.Photos of the couple showed Jonas with his arm around Turner's shoulder in the crowd, leading many outlets to speculate that they were dating.

TMZ’s story, however, doesn’t actually say that the two are dating. To determine what’s really going on with the Heard/Musk story, consider which outlet reported it first.

Remember that one time he made out with Serena and we all lost our minds? I imagine it would work much like the plot in that terrible Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie in which Julianne Moore is the older woman who teaches a porn-obsessed young buck the real ways of love and lovemaking.

Drake-Lo has that potential, especially since you he’s had a crush on her since his bar mitzvah days. Maybe.) Drake is a total fuckboy who needs to reform because he’s rapidly maxing out on the allotted time in which one is allowed to write Fuckboy Anthems. Maybe this will be the relationship that makes him grow up and write songs that demonstrate some sort of healthy reverence for women and an understanding of a mutually respectful, loving relationship with another human being instead of whatever it is he’s been doing.

That’s the question on the minds of many after seeing new pictures of reality star Scott Disick and his “homie” Sofia Richie.

The pair were spotted with locked arms on their way to lunch at Nobu in Malibu fueling reports that they were more than friends.

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The source goes on to reveal that Sophie Turner had fallen hard for Joe Jonas a while back, but he didn't want to be tied down to only one woman at the time. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner started getting spotted together around Halloween, when they attended the same party and a big group photo showed Jonas and Turner grinning next to each other. @avaknightboxing @julianzigerli84 @anjaextrafein @sheilalopardo @milieumauri @mrschaub @alexialaura @sophiet @joejonas @daremekid @kajaekaja @skor51 @colewhittle @jinjootheguitargirl @jacklawless ????????????????