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The event will be held at Eleiko’s brand new Sport Center in Kistinge, Halmstad. Eleiko and British Weightlifting are pleased to announce they have embarked on a 3-year partnership together, in what promises to be a superb collaboration set out to promote the sport of weightlifting and para-powerlifting in the UK.THREE Powerlifters from a Bridgwater Gym are heading to Russia on May 30 to compete in one of the toughest championships in the world.

While the rules for the powerlifts remain specific, the general benefits of powerlifting go far beyond conventional lifting.Age ain’t nothing but a number for one 75-year-old Filipina grandma, who set a new deadlift record at the American Powerlifting competition in Utah, USA.Susie Rose, a grandmother with 37 grand kids, originally from Bulacan, hoisted a whopping 209.5 pounds in the 65-plus age division, breaking both the state and national records in the United States, reports ABS-CBN News. When people say I can’t do it, in my head I say, ‘Watch me! Aside from her record-breaking deadlift, Rose can also bench-press 75 pounds. Rose is a Cross Fit enthusiast and she goes to the gym almost everyday.Embarrassed Artyom later claimed that 'nothing happened', according to The Siberian Times.He said he didn't fight back because he had previously seen her training at the gym and knew her strength.

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The incident was caught on camera by the driver's friends, who don't appear too concerned by his predicament.