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Liquidating shipping containers of merchandise

We are a below wholesale distributor and exporter of quality liquidation merchandise.

We carry a full line of salvage merchandise of all varieties.

This liquidation merchandise comes from a variety of sources: department store returns, closeouts and truckloads from over 100 department stores in America.

Anything you might find in a department store, office supply, or hardware store, we have available!We offer wholesale liquidation and closeout products by containers. Mclane-CVS-Super Value-Brookshire Brothers-AG-Save Mart-Safe Way-Winco-Albertson-Mixed Food/Snacks/Groceries: Huge selection of brand name food, snacks, and groceries.Wholesale merchandise from major department stores may include wholesale mixed clothing, bedding, liquidation tools, general merchandise, salvage furniture, sporting goods, overstock health and beauty and much more! Merchandise can include overstock, shelf pulls, customer returns, salvage, and surplus products. May contain lawn mowers, trimmers, generators, heavy-duty hoses, germination trays, spades, plant containers, gardening tools, and more. May contain a mixture of Chips & Dips, Juice Drinks, Cookies, Fruit Snacks, Canned Soups, Canned Vegetables, Drink Flavoring and Syrups, Candies, Crackers, Pop Corn, Pretzels, Trail Mix, and much more.Find all the merchandise you need for your business - ready to ship anywhere in the United States! May contain a mixture of ladders, hand tools, generators, power tools, air nailers, air compressors, plumbing tools, electric tools and accessories, and much more. 2001 - Worldwide Wholesale Liquidation Distributor and Global Exporter specializing in liquidated merchandise from many of the nation's retail, big-box chains, and online retailers for pennies on the dollar.

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You may also be interested products by the lot, products by the pallet, and products by the truckload. Your assortment may include power drills, tool sets, bike racks, stands, shelves, lighting, faucets, organizers, paint supplies, wall treatments, building supplies, door knobs, lock sets, cabinets, hand tools, and more. Assorted Used Clothing Grade A: Mixture Consists of Assorted Men's and Women's Clothing. Assorted Premium Used and Returns Dresses : Beautiful Styles of Night Gowns, Cocktail, Casual and Summer Dresses. Many of Them With Tags on it, Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity!

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