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Following on from Pigeon dating in Hatoful Boyfriend and gay dad dating in Dream Daddy, Purrfect Date will let you romance talking cats.

The game is described as a cross between a visual novel, dating sim, and dark British comedy, and places you in the shoes of a research assistant on an island of cats. This is making me very uncomfortable, please go and watch the trailer.

Lean over, scratch your own pet behind the ears, and start imagining the stories you’re going to tell with your Sims and their new four-legged friends.

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs will be here in just a few short months and we look forward to sharing more information with you soon. To stay up to date on the latest news for The Sims be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch, Like us on Facebook, and Subscribe to our You Tube channel.

For 1-2 hours a night, for months, I led my band of oddball Japanese high school students through their routine of going to school, dating, capturing demons, crushing evil, and being the best darn flower salesmen and part-time curry cooks they could possibly be. When I look back on the obscene amount of time I spent on this game, I remember so many flaws. The last video game in this world to gain traction on my continent was the cool and utterly bananas 2011 puzzle dating game Catherine, which I still believe does not actually exist as it was merely a fever dream I alone experienced. You can study, or work at odd jobs, or go on dates, or hang with friends, or go see movies with your intelligent talking cat. I think it's the secret to what makes the game work.

A new coastal harbor locale, Brindleton Bay, will be included in the expansion as well.There is a niche community of dating sims for dating all kinds of animals – from pugs, to pigeons and onward finally to T-rex’s.Perhaps this is a squick for you, too close to bestiality to be in any way entertaining.Although it sounded fantastical, it was actually high-level theoretical quantum physics, and that was the subtlest part about it.Schrodinger’s cat was comparable with Cat-loving Flying Fish’s current situation.

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You are able to travel with your friends to the "Metaverse," which is where everyone's souls hang out. To show how it can work, I'll point out one tiny, vital part of the game: how these traumatized kids get their magical powers. When this happens, a mask will appear on your face, the visible form of your still belonging to and believing in society. I mean, I promised you a totally bananas adventure where you travel through surreal magic lands summoning demons, and then you return to the real world to be a seventeen year old tending bar before going on a date with your high school teacher. It can switch from weird and silly to dark and heavy in a moment. I think tonal inconsistency is one of the necessary traits of a really good story.

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