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, starring Kristin Kreuk as tough NYPD detective Catherine Chandler and Jay Ryan as Vincent Keller, a former Afghanistan veteran with a terrifying secret.

What is known was that he was formerly from England, working there as a medical doctor, until one of his patients (a young girl) died on his table.

While there, she tries to Westernize the whole country.

Early in development, Fran Drescher planned the movie to be a spin on The King and I (1956), titled "The King And Oy" but legislatively faced the problem that FOX owned the rights.

They also discussed the challenges of striking a balance with a female lead who is a very capable detective but struggles with accepting someone who wants to protect them and why they believe the classic story still resonates today because it’s timeless and deals with forbidden love and yearning. My sister-in-law is actually the casting director, and when we started writing it, she immediately said “Oh my God, I know who Catherine (character Catherine Chandler) is,” and we watched footage of her from the beginning. When we were writing, we didn’t really picture somebody specific when we were developing it, did we? And then, there will be these overarching mysteries about the mythology behind the beast and Catherine — his origin story, her mother. Are you trying to say something about the USA right now or people coming back from war or anything like that? Pat Tillman was an NFL football player who enlisted after 9/11 and then was killed, and there was some controversy about his death. We really think about him as a person who is struggling to be more human.

Check out our recap of the Question: Since you’re introducing this series to a whole new generation and the CW has a very specific demographic, did you have any type of focus group or young people that you asked their opinion on who should be cast in this role?

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